Thursday, February 19, 2009


Well, this is readingit, writing to say that I don't think I have a handle on Delicious. I found the lesson on OPL23things good- but it didn't go far enough to actually help me figure out how to navigate this site. I don't really understand how to communicate with other users on the site, and I don't really understand how to find other people with similar interests or "tags" to see what they are bookmarking. The lesson from YouTube seemed to explain that the teachers could all have one network going sharing sites- but I can't figure out how that works. I also can't figure out what/why things are posted on the Delicious homepage. Are these really the most popular bookmarks system wide (all of Delicious) or through some network of people I can't see....? I'm confused because I was looking through some of those (for example, found a tag for creative writing and followed the link) and just ended up on messy page after messy page with hundreds of links to things that may or may not take me to pages that actually worked... whew! It was all a little TOO Delicious for me! :) But I would be very interested in learning more via a workshop in person that's not just a presentation, but hands on experience with someone to guide the way. Thanks for reading!

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